Saturday, July 28, 2012

Congratulations Robert & Cassandra

Robert & Cassandra had an incredible support with family and friends at their side as they celebrated their marriage vows!  This quiet couple made their promises to each other on an incredible day after some pretty wild weather just the day before, but other than a few drops of rain on the way to the ceremony, Robert and Cassandra’s day was all sun.  Thank you to Sandra McMahan for second shooting and assisting on this beautiful day, it was nice having you along side once again.  Congratulations Robert and Cassandra, and for such a great wedding party:  Amanda, Julie, Laura, Albert, Smiley Jason, and Jonathan! 

McFalls 1McFalls 2McFalls 3McFalls 4

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kevin & Kim



What an incredible day of a great group of partying family and friends!  With laughs and wild dancing Kevin and Kim celebrated their wedding day.  Just a sneak peak below at some images of the day, including an incredible reception with the most entertaining MC I have every seen!  A personal Thank You goes out to Sandra McMahon for second shooting, and my husband/chauffeur/photographer’s assistant throughout the day.   It has been a pleasure getting to work with Kevin and Kim and I look forward to providing them with a collection of incredible images from their wedding day!! Congratulations Kevin & Kim!!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Michael & Alicia’s Celebrations

MA4A sneak peak at Michael & Alicia’s wedding day celebrations!  What a beautiful day, with family and friends who gave wonderful support and tons of laughs to the incredible couple!  The venue to Pine Knot Golf & Country Club was excellent, working so well with the couple and giving the guests a  very classy experience.  Thank You to Kelly Munroe for second shooting and providing the couple with additional images of their fantastic day! Congratulations Mike & Alicia!!





Monday, July 09, 2012

Go Pro Fun

It used to be, you never take your camera to the beach.  Sand was your enemy, not to mention water and electronics not exactly being best friends either.  There are a number of high impact, waterproof products on the line though over the last number of years that are consumer friendly, even price wise.  The Go Pro is what I would say to be the most famous of which.  This little camera comes with any number of accessories, from mounting it to your bike helmet, to sticking it to your surf board, or in this case, simply strapping it to your wrist.  Whatever you can imagine – the GoPro will take on the challenge to capture you weird and wacky moments in life!