Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jason & Kelita Wedding Charm



An absolutely gorgeous day yesterday for Jason and Kelita celebrating with family and friends on their wedding day!  Complete with down home charm touches everywhere you looked, Kelita held true to being the days Pintrest Queen!  It was so wonderful seeing the support of both Jason & Kelita’s parents and attendants in action through out the day.  Thank you for Krystal for second shooting for the day – it was great to have you for the day!  Congratulations Jason & Kelita!!!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Legacy Lappers 2014

This year the Sarnia Relay For Life fell on Friday the 13th.  As a result, the Legacy Lappers decided to have some fun with the date, and tradition of bikers trips to Port Dover.  There was a hand carved detailed incredible Harley Davidson up for draw with tickets being sold throughout the relay, a Real Harley parked in a mini Port Dover, as well as biker dude jean vests, generously donated by Value Village for the walkers – something that actually came in handy as the evening weather cooled down.  Congratulations to all of the amazing participants in this years Sarnia Relay For Life, especially the fun and fabulous team The Legacy Lappers!!

Legacy Lappers 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

Looking Back

The Kaeden Brown Foundation - This year will be 5 years since sudden the loss of Kaeden. This video is a collection of memories of many of the events and developments in our community.

Kaeden Brown Foundation 2014 from Heather Jennings on Vimeo.



KBF Menu

The Kaeden Brown Foundation Golf Tournament 2014

This year The Kaeden Brown Foundation Golf Tournament was spread over two Club.  Both Arkona Fairways in Arkona, and Widder Station in Thedford were filled with supporters.  It was an incredible day out on the courses, seeing many wearing orange in honour of Kaeden,  the huge white tent that was filled for the dinner, auction, and presentations.  During the event the presentation of a $5000 Scholarship is made – Amy McIntyre – This years winner of The Kaeden Brown Foundation Scholarship.  Congratulations Amy!!


Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft Magazine – “Stampy Cat Edition”

Magazine Sample


I made up this magazine for my son’s Birthday Party. It was a Huge hit with all of the kids and their parents too! It includes mazes, word search, trivia, story making etc. Also, throughout the magazine are “cakes” your crafters have to find all the cakes that are hidden through out the magazine. Because it was such a hit I decided to upload it for other parents to download for free. It is in a PDF format so you can personalize. I printed the pages as 11x17 colour glossy (80lbs text) at Staples, and had them folded and stapled there. To get the full magazine be sure to download files 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B,3A, and 3B! 

For Personal Use Only – Not For Sale As All Images Are Simply Off Of Google Searches, Not Claiming Any Copyright ownership.

Please Feel Free To Share!

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