Monday, October 15, 2012

Thank You Dr. Beattie

Dr Beattie Arkona


There was a community of thanks this past weekend as many from Arkona and the surrounding areas came with grateful hearts to say thank you and good bye to one of our two incredible local family doctors here in our little village.  Where so many towns and cities have a shortage of doctors, our town has been blessed to have been sincerely cared for and treated by Dr. Beattie and Dr. Johnson. 

The one thing I will remember from things said on Saturday, was Dr. Johnson making the comment about how much Dr. Beattie truly cared for his patients.  And the one thing I hope both of these gentlemen will always know, is how much this community is so thankful, and truly cares for them!

Wishing you many many happy years in your retirement!


Dr BeattieDr. Beattie Dr Johnson

Friday, October 12, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. James and Joanna

Congratulations to the amazing Mr. & Mrs. James & Joanna!  After a beautiful ceremony that truly spoke of a covenant vs. a contract, the couple headed out in a newly restored Jaguar by Joanna’s Dad, to Forest Cliff Camp to enjoy the fall colours.  Many more personal touches were visible throughout the reception,  a made to order “cabin photo booth”!  The entire day was beautiful, an incredible celebration of love!