Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In Review


Once in a Blue Moon Happy New Years

imageWhat are your plans for New Years Eve?  Well, since I now realize there will be a “Blue Moon” this evening, you can bet I will be out trying to catch a nice shot at some point.  Regardless, I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Years!!!

“The term “blue moon” has apparently been around for at least hundreds of years.  But, saying that something happens “once in a blue moon” used to mean about the same thing as saying that something will happen “when pigs fly.”  In other words, the Moon isn’t generally blue, so “once in a blue moon” meant basically “almost never.”  Now, in certain rare circumstances, aerosols in the atmosphere can scatter light and make the Moon appear sort of bluish on very rare occasions, but that is unpredictable and exceedingly rare.  It normally takes something like a powerful volcanic eruption to do that.  And, of course pigs can fly if they are shipped on an airplane.

Otherwise known as the second full moon in a calendar month, it will show up on Thursday, back again after appearing on Dec. 2. “

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

White Roses

I love white roses.  My husband knows this very well and is so sweet to bring me white roses, or, really, any white flower.  It’s the perfection in natural white, the innocence of it, and though the bright colours of flowers and sunsets amaze me, I still find my favourite to be a single white rose :)

IMG_9839 IMG_9840 

 IMG_9844 IMG_9837 

New Years Greetings

Do you send out New Years Greetings?  There are some pretty funny / unique, and original ways of doing this over the internet, and this one showed up in my mailbox this morning, so I thought I would pass it on.  Just a cool little greeting!  Check it out here

BeatBoxing Flute

Monday, December 28, 2009

Olympic Visa Gift Card Contest

The Olympic Torch has come and gone through Forest and the surrounding areas, but one local business came out $100 ahead as a result of a storefront decorating contest put on by the RBC.  Local businesses took part, and whether then won the Visa Card or not, it was a great way to get geared up for the torch run.  In the end, Flowers With Flair were the store the judges chose. 

IMG_9310-2_resize IMG_9312-2_resize IMG_9316-2_resizeIMG_9546_resize

IMG_9318-2_resize IMG_9317-2_resize

The Winning Store Front:

IMG_9320-2_resize IMG_9319-2_resize

IMG_9315-2_resize IMG_9313_resize

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Olympic Torch Run

Yeah, I got to see part of the journey of the Olympic Torch Run in Forest, Ontario as it makes it’s way across Canada on the way to BC for this years Winter Olympics!  I tried to explain to the kids how this was such a rare thing to be able to see this – and they were pretty excited ---until they realized it was VERY cold!   We survived though, and even got some pictures, of course!

IMG_9462_resize IMG_9439_resize IMG_9492_resize IMG_9470_resize

IMG_9495_resize IMG_9488_resize  IMG_9525_resize IMG_9515_resizeIMG_9445_resize

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas One And All!

During this time of holidays and get togethers, I thought I would quickly pass along one of the local public skating listings sponsored by Tim Hortons for the Bosanquet and North Middlesex Arenas.  Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

skating schedule

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

This day will be an exciting one!  The torch run, surprise family pictures, the hay ride and visit with Santa, and our Christmas Eve service at the chapel, a full day!   Due to a change of events yesterday, we didn’t make it to the States, instead we did our annual Christmas Eve visit to the hospital and handed out flowers to the patients – a day early, but there were no complaints :).  The first time our family did this, Bradley was so young – he couldn’t quite talk clearly, I still remember him with a female patient saying “Ladie, Ladie, Merry Chri Ma Ladie”.  This year the kids gave out an extra treat in rooms were it seemed appropriate, they would do a little duet, it was so sweet to see.  We ended the day off visiting with good friends, so nice.  And now, on to a new day!  The kids are so excited, Amy has been “X”ing off the calendar, and even did a practice run of making cookies for Santa, to be sure they were Just Right!  And we enjoy going through the boxes – over and over and over again, in our set of “What God Wants For Christmas”.  This is a set we got through Focus On The Family, each day you get to open a gift box and add to the Nativity Scene, the final box is what God wants for Christmas, and the entire series keeps you focused on the Real meaning of Christmas.

Enjoy Christmas Eve, and the thoughts of  the amazing and awesome event that took place so many years ago, with a tiny baby who came to live among us!

And For Those Of You Interest In What’s Now Playing In Forest At               

The Kineto Theatre…

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Olympic Torch Run!

olympic-rings-Vancouver 2010 It’s coming!  Tomorrow is the day!  Tomorrow, Christmas Eve Day, the Olympic Torch for Vancouver 2010 with be passing by only 10 minutes from our home.  I am pretty excited to be part of this historic event, and look forward to getting pictures of course too!  The run through Forest, just after noon tomorrow, is only from 12:49 to 12:57, which makes you wonder, how do they know this exactly?   Well, taking a look at the map you will see it is not exactly a straight line – the run is extremely commercialized, passing by RBC banks, and is only run on foot for short clips, then it’s back in the shuttle, and drove to the next location.  At first I thought – well that’s cheating, but then, you know, if this wasn’t done this way – then what would the chances be that we would actually get to be part of it without traveling a huge distance on Christmas Eve day – which just wouldn’t have happened.  If you would like to see if the Olympic Torch 2010 is coming to your area, just take a look at and check out the map.  Looking forward to seeing so many people out for the event tomorrow!

bc-081121-olympic-torch-national-FULL   2010-olympic-torch   vancouver_logo

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ben & Laura

A Beautiful evening wedding in colours of black and red, Ben & Laura were married surrounded by lots of friends and family!  Congratulations!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Second Christmas Miracle

Car Repair Framed Yesterday we had a family day in London.  On our way home last night, less than 10 minutes from home, we had a real problem though.  Suddenly while going around a curve it felt like we lost a tire off of the rear drivers side (turned out it was resting firmly in the wheel well).  Ralph kept the vehicle under control and avoided any oncoming traffic and managed to get it over to the side.  That was were the miracle began!  But then…Within moments a man and his wife stopped on the other side of the road and asked if he could help.  He got out, figured out the problem, and told us he could probably rig it so we could get it safely off the road (the exact issue had recently happened to a friend of his, so he was already experienced in a quick fix for it!).  His wife was so sweet and patient, and had no problem as he went straight to work.  Next, a block of wood was necessary.  Along came another driver, a woman who said she lived right up the road, and asked if she could get anything for us – she went home and sent her brother back with a 2x4 as requested.  Meanwhile, our neighbour Ann Marie was on her way to pick up the kids, I had called and asked if she could come so that the kids wouldn’t be at risk sitting in the vehicle on the side of the road-not a  problem, she was out the door and on her way.  Next, the 2x4 was too long for the job, so I took the board and hopped over the ditch and ran to a neighbour – I thought I had never met.  Only to find I had taken his picture at a Youth For Christ Golf Tournament Fundraiser.  The couple were very nice, and the gentleman went right to work cutting the board to length for me.  Now, with the right length of wood, our first good Samaritan took the block and gave it to Ralph to put into position, as he raised the vehicle up the extra bit beyond what the jack was doing.  IT WORKED!  But they weren’t positive it would hold, so…both men then hopped into their vehicles and followed Ralph all the way back to Arkona…and then drove off into the sunset :). 

Today after making a quick stop into see the Dr. for Bradley – another WOW, (just to be able to have the Dr. take a look at our son so quickly for an issue and get him back on the mend, and then dropping the kids off with my neices :) so the kids could have fun while I ran around); I took the vehicle in to see about the repair – at first, things looked grim, possibly a total write off, but then things took another twist.  I went to Bowles Garage/Auto wreckers, who had also seen this issue before (rear suspension - Toast), and told me, they may not be able to get it done in time for Christmas – IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  If you can even do the repair – that would be AMAZING!  I don’t expect to hear back, or have the vehicle before Christmas – but I can say, the experience made me smile – seeing yet another Christmas Miracle shown through the kindness of others!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Faith For The Christmas Stockings

Stockings “We should pray about it Mommy”.  These were the first words out of our little girls mouth after I announced after over a month of their absence - “I don’t know where the stockings are”.  I Love her faith, and I agreed, and knew there would be an answer.  Today, after a week of not knowing where those Christmas Stockings could be, we resorted to: praying that the stockings would show up BEFORE Christmas.  And then it happened, I decided to take to one last look in the room where we keep the Christmas ornaments before heading to bed, I said a prayer as I went down the stairs, and within moments I was looking in the right spot.  I had looked and looked and looked in that room for over a week, and never found them; but,  tomorrow morning, our babes will wake up to find their stockings hanging on the banister, and I can’t wait to hear the response!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Canned Items For Contact House

It’s coming!  - Santa Buddies

is coming to the local Kineto Theatre this Saturday!  Bring a canned item with the kids, and join in for the show!


Busy Busy Busy

Wow, there has been quite a bit on this week, the final week of school, and me trying to finish up all jobs!  Today was successful though, other than one small job, and finishing one big one – yeah, ready to enjoy the holidays with the kids!  I wanted to share a little tid bit though with those of you who like to send in your pictures online.  I often will suggest Costco to people who I  have given discs to.  I find out of the consumer printers they  really are far and beyond in quality than your other “regulars”.  The cost is quite reasonable as well, as long as you already have a membership.  To go one step further check out MPIX.  Hope this is helpful during this time of year where lots and lots of pictures will be taken!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Now Playing

Now Playing At The Forest Kineto Theatre
Planet 51

Dec. 18,19,20,22

8pm show times, doors open at 7:30

All Tickets $5

Friday, December 11, 2009

Special Showing At Kineto Theatre

Special Showing At The Kineto Theatre
December 19th, @ 1pm
Santa Buddies

Scott & Sarah

rs 1070-Clement


This was a fun group who got together celebrating the wedding of Scott and Sarah.  The weather was iffy, but held out for pictures at Canatara Park and then on down to the bottom of the Bluewater Bridge.  Celebrations were held at the Dante Club, a beautiful venue that would easily refer others to.  Scott and Sarah had some very personal touches to their wedding day and I’m sure are looking forward to their first Christmas together as husband and wife!


rs 379-Clementb rs 847-Clement

rs 855-Clementb rs 857-Clement

 rs 1048-Clement  rs IMG_1632b

rs IMG_1787b rs IMG_1812 rs IMG_2198b

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Now Playing At The Forest Kineto Theatre. 


Dec. 11,12,13,15

Doors Open at 7:30 P.M.

All Shows begin at 8 P.M.

All Seats $5.00

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Christmas Story

It's A Tradition!  Every year my husband sits down around Christmas and watches A Christmas Story.  And the kids love it too.  So in honour of my hubby - Ralph!  Guest starring Bradley L.  :)

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Down Home Christmas Flair

rs fudge Flowers With Flair is a business that has been in our area for a long time – a matter a fact, this is the 32nd Christmas they will be celebrating!  For 25 years Murray’s House Of Flowers was located in Arkona, were people would flock from miles around  to see Murray’s Christmas House decked out to the max.  With visitors from locations like Barrie and Port Dover, and even a few from Europe!  In 1988 the decision was made to purchase the building they are now located in in Forest, On.  A main street location were visitors from all over continue to come to enjoy the creations, purchase gifts from Bearington Bears, Magnetic Rings and Cookie Jars, and maybe even enjoy a taste of homemade fudge!  Of course Flowers With Flair also has flowers, smiles – and some Very Cool 4 legged friends too!rs poodles     Overall