Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Day You Changed Our Lives Forever

Eight years ago today,  I saw your face for the first time.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful you looked.  You just stared at me with your incredible chocolate chip brown eyes, and I cried – tears of joy and tears disbelief.  What an Incredible Gift God had given us – we are so thankful for you – every moment of every day.  Each stage of your growth I think, “this is the best stage”, only to find out, it just gets better and better.  Your silly grins, and your goofy jokes – I know you hear this from me all the time – but I’m going to say it again anyway - I am so proud of you. and I Love you, so very very much!

To Our Amy Babe    ~Love, Daddy, Mommy, & Bradley Bud!

Amy Babe

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beach Day

The beach is such a beautiful place to go for pictures, and even though I’ve lived in this area all my life, I am always surprised to find new beautiful locations!  This one – a beach I had never been too.  There was a really cool piece of driftwood out right at the edge of the water as well, our only issue – it was REALLY windy!  The wind didn’t seem to detract from the active curiosity of one little red head cutie though.  She loved her flowers, the sand, the birds and the water…but most of all, she loved her Mommy and Daddy!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brought to you by Photo Book Girl!

Photo Book Girl Toon

Sometimes I stumble upon the greatest sites while trying to find something using Google Images, and last night was no different.  This may seem strange, but I love to scrapbook, but when it comes to putting together a wedding album, I really struggle with it, I just want it to be perfect… Strange, but true!  So after all was said and done last night with my latest Bridal Album, I decided to check out some things and was looking up specific topics using Google Images – this is were I came across this very cool site –  For anyone who has done any type of digital scrapbooking, or higher end albums, this is a great place to visit.  The site is laid out to help you decide which company is best for you and for what reason.  There are reviews on the styles, papers, bindings and other services companies provide, all laid out in a very user friendly manner.  It’s an incredibly informative site, and I would highly recommend stopping by and checking it out, you might just get inspired to sit down and put together that Photobook you’ve been thinking about!  Also, check her out on Facebook to get up to date information!!  Photo Book Girl on Facebook



Monday, September 27, 2010

Smash Up Derby Is Fun!

I remember the commercial as a kid – those cool plastic cars that you would shoot up a ramp towards each other only to meet their demise as the struck with as much force as you could muster !  “Smash, Bang, Crash ‘em Up, Smash Up Derby Is Fun!” (I may have gotten a word or two wrong there – but you get the gist)  Well, yesterday it was smash up derby day at the Forest Fall Fair – and yes…it was fun!  There was a Great turn out for the event too!  Lots of smashes, a couple of fires, and at least one blown transmission :( with incredible timing :)  These are just a few of the pictures, a web sized version is available on Facebook as well, or visit the Online Gallery Here ( – feel free to click the “x” when asked for your info :D ) .

Derby 3Derby 1 Derby 2

Friday, September 24, 2010

Local Fall Fair

Forest Fair 1




It’s that time of year – Fall Fair Time!  This weekend both the Parkhill and Forest Fall Fairs are taking place.  I was able to check out some of the exhibits earlier today, what a spread inside the Fair Building!  Later this evening I stopped in quickly to catch some shots of the rides – always a great opportunity to play with some manual settings.  The Salt & Pepper I decided to do some blur action shots with, and I did my first HDR shoot as well ( that will be a later post though).  The parade is tomorrow, and Splash & Boots will be preforming – Looking forward to a great day!   – Enjoy the fair!





 Forest Fair 2

A New Look

Yes, you are at the right location :D  But things certainly are looking different!  I’ve got quite a bit of tweaking to do – so after weddings are completed the New And Improved Blog Site for Captured Innocence Photography should have all the bugs worked out and tweaked to perfection :D.  If you would like to subscribe to The Captured Innocence Photography Blog, simply click on the Orange RSS post tab on your computer (as shown below) This won’t give your unsolicited Pop Ups – It will just make it easier for you to find us-after subscribing, click on your Favourites, and then click Feeds – and there you’ve done it!  Stay Tuned!
CIP Blog title

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Now Playing

Now playing at the forest kineto theatre

The Switch

Doors open at 7:30pm  Show Time 8PM  All Seats $5

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Just Haven’t Met You Yet!

I posted this video during the summer on Facebook, but thought it would be a great post again on this drizzly fall day! This has got to be one of the coolest wedding videos every, an absolutely Gorgeous Bride, and the Handsome Groom, who just happens to be  none other than Chinese Olympic gold medal gymnast Xiaopeng LiEnjoy The Fun of Angel and Xiaopeng Li’s wedding day from Elysium Productions!

Elysium Productions

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Splash & Boots

LOGO_index  I remember the day when my Aunt handed me a little girls hat that read Dora on it – I had no idea who Dora was.  My Aunt wisely informed me that it would only be a matter of time :D Well, just like the Dora Craze – we got to know who SPLASH & BOOTS were too!...and in this case, they didn’t drive the Mommy Nuts with the way they talk! And Guess What???

It’s Just A Matter Of Time!!!

Really, it’s just a matter of time before you and your family too can actually meet Splash & Boots Live This Weekend at the Forest Fall Fair! Show Times Are: 1PM , 2:15PM and 3:30PM.   And I can guarantee you will enjoy yourselves. Check Out this cute and quirky couple below – See You Saturday!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Moon Shoot – The Cheater Method

moon 9 19 10Let me start by saying, in no way do I have the best lens for getting the best detail for a moon shot – I would love to have a nice 400mm+ Canon L lens, but, I’m sure you must realize by now, that these types of shots are not my specialty :D  That said, I just thought I would pass along one of the fastest ways to get a shot like this.  First, set up your tripod, put your camera on manual settings, and be prepared to use either a remote, or in my case, I used the camera’s timer.  My settings were 400mm lens on my camera, 1/60  F29  ISO 320.  Yes, you read correctly, 1/60 F29 ISO 320.  Seems like an awfully fast shutter speed and small aperture for a moon shot doesn’t it?  Well, the fact is, you don’t have to wait until it’s pitch black outside to make this shot; a matter a fact, according to my metadata, I took this picture at 7:37pm at dusk.  So why does it look like it was taken at 10:30 or 11 o’clock?  I simply shut out the majority of my ambient light by using a very small f-stop.  By doing so, I was able to use a low ISO setting and average shutter speed – which also removes  a lot of the grainy look you would get otherwise.  So, if you see the moon up in the sky, but it’s not quite dark out – head out for the shot anyway. You may wish to start with the settings I have listed, and then just tweak them to what works best in your situation – have fun!  I’d love to see your shots!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ross & Amanda

Ross and Amanda, I am honored to have spent my day with you and your families as you celebrated your love. Yes, I could go on and on about the details and how everything came together perfectly for your wedding, but I'll save that for now. I, however, just want to express how happy I am for you and thank you for having me captured the memories of your incredible day!   Thank you as well to Wendy for second shooting with me and stopping off for the Timmy Run!

Ross and Amanda chose the song High and Dry by Radio Head for their first dance, to see more of their beautiful wedding day click play below!!

Lambton Middlesex Wedding Photography 1_resizeLambton Middlesex Wedding Photography 3_resizeLambton Middlesex Wedding Photography 6_resize    Lambton Middlesex Wedding Photography 5_resize Lambton Middlesex Wedding Photography 2_resizeLambton Middlesex Wedding Photography 9

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Now Playing

Now Playing at the forest kineto theatre  Nanny McPhee Returns

Sept. 17,18,19,21

All seats $5  Doors open at 7:30 with an 8PM show Time

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Same View – Different Settings

So I was on my way out of town last night to do some sunset pictures at a specific location and I decided to stop on the side of the road to take a couple of shots to show how the same picture can look so so different with simply changing your settings.

The first image was literally point and shoot – My camera was on aperture priority,f2.5 1/2000sec with a 50mm 1.4 prime lens.  (a 50mm prime isn’t exactly what I would normally use to do a landscape shot, but like I said, this was just pick up the camera as is and shoot)


The difference between the first and second images has nothing to do with me changing my aperture, f-stop, or ISO settings.  I left everything alone, what I did change was my metering system – I changed from evaluative to spot metering.  As a result, the camera sensor system changed my shutter speed to 1/8000 from 1/2000, causing much more of the detail to appear in the sky.


The final image I took the information from the first 2 shots and tweaked it by deciding to bring in more detail in the clouds – and changing my settings to:  1/800 f16


It was a beautiful sunset :D

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Never Stop Learning

Cameras are always changing, and the field of photography is always diversifying.  As a result, if you are wanting to be in the field of photography you can Never Stop Learning.  Personally I try to take a course at least once every other month – sometimes it just means repeating a course to get something new out of it, other times it is something totally new that the industry has to offer.  It doesn’t matter, as long as I am challenging myself.   The average full day class with a world class photographer works out to almost $1000 CAD/day, and I understand that this is simply not feasible for most (myself included-though I would absolutely love to attend an MJ2 Day Workshop)…but alas, there are many other ways to learn, even though the “experience” of shooting  side by side, and the interaction you would like with your photographer mentor is not available. But there are ways to  keep up with the latest in what you can offer your clients and take advantage of what your equipment can do for you.  To begin, DVD training, it may not give you live interaction, however, you will have the advantage of reviewing it over and over.  Next,  E-Classes, many of these classes that you take will come with the option of purchase as well, so if you do find the information too much to take in all at once, you can review it later.  Webinars are another option, and you are able to have an interaction with the speaker on these, either through voice or typed questions and comments.  And of course, there is YouTube!  If you ever want to know how to do something, chances are, someone has posted a video on it on YouTubeBelow I have posted a screen captured for the site Creative Live – an incredible teaching tool which recently completed a week long class of epic proportions – putting them on the map for all time by having Jasmine Star teach for 5 Days, including shooting a wedding live! There are so many training resources out there; what are your favourites?

creative live

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lambton Shores - Meet The Candidates

 Today I’d like you to get to know Sushil, running as Councillor for Ward 6 of Lambton Shores.  Sushil (pronounced Susheal), has also answered the same list of questions posed to Doug Cook in yesterdays post.  There is also a website available to check out more information about Sushil –   I was really surprised when I read Sushil’s information on his site, I realized he was a family man, but never realized his educational and technical background – Find out more below.

Sushil Nakhwal – Owner / Operator of Arkona GoCo Station

Questions or Comments you wish to address with Sushil Nakhwal can be emailed to:

Why I have decided to run for council?

This community has given us a lot, and in order to do something in return and make it much better for coming generations, I would like to utilize my energy and time in productive manner.

What issues will you address if you are voted in?

· Lower taxes and better services to the residents and businesses.

· More effective and better distribution of funds across the Lambton shores community.

· Create incentives to attract new businesses in the area.

· Cooperate with all council members to achieve the goals of the community.

· Regular update to all the constituents on municipal matters through the internet, mass email, flyers and local newspapers.

· Complete accountability and transparency of work on regular basis.

· Maintain a level of accessibility while providing quick response to all constituents.

· Working together with constituents to include as many of their ideas as possible in the decision making process.

· Seek regular input from everyone in order to build a strong and vibrant community.

Who I am?

I have completed my M.Sc. in Zoology and B.Ed along with diploma in Electronics Technologist here in Ontario. I am a certified teacher through the Ontario College of Teachers. My work experience includes 6 years of teaching in various High schools and the past 12 years as an Engineer for ATI Technologies and AMD Inc. (Leading Computer CPU maker).

I moved into this beautiful town about seven years ago from Toronto.  I currently  own and operate the GOCO gas station in Arkona along with my wife Anjna and our two sons Gaurav and Mohit, who are students at NLSS in Forest. I enjoy time with my family, yoga, and webpage designs. I have volunteered in the hospital for quadriplegic and paraplegic patients, and coached soccer and cricket teams.

What will you do for the residents and community of Arkona and Ward 6?

· Implementation of the master plan for Arkona.

· Revisit the work of committees constituted after amalgamation.

· Project ward 6 as the place to work and live in.

· I can assure everyone that I will work diligently toward meaningful goals that will create opportunities for us all.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meet The Candidates

Ward 6 of Lambton Shores currently has 2 candidates running, and often we as the residents have very little chance to hear the plans our candidates have on their minds, as a result I have decided to make the post today and tomorrow concentrated on getting to know our local candidates – some things you may  know, others, you may be totally surprised by.  Each candidate was asked to make a submission for the blog.  In order to be unbiased, I am simply going to go by alphabetical order, beginning with Doug Cook – owner/operator of the Arkona Home Hardware followed by Sushil Nakhwal – owner/operator of the Arkona GoCo.

Doug Cook – Owner & Operator Of Arkona Home Hardware

Questions or Comments you wish to address with Doug Cook can be emailed to: 

Here are the questions answered:

For the councillors at present, Why have you decided to re-seek your position as councillor for Lambton Shores?

For those stepping in, Why have you decided to do so?

What issues will you address if you are voted in?

Provide details on your political experience and background.

Tell us about yourself: What town do you live in and how long have you lived in Lambton Shores? Occupation? Family? Leisure activities? Volunteer community work and accomplishments.

In one sentence, What will you do for the residents and community of Lambton Shores?

Answers by:

Doug Cook

1. Councillor – I have only been on council since February, therefore, I have not had much opportunity to establish myself, other than understanding the issues as they arise.   I am hoping that the next four year term will allow me to work closely with council on issues and investments throughout Lambton Shores.

2. The main issues I would like to address are Capital Investments in Ward 6, the ongoing sewer concerns in the Grand Bend area and economic development in Lambton Shores.

3. This is my first venture into municipal politics.

4. I have owned Arkona Home Hardware since 1999 and moved to Arkona in 2000.  I am married to Pam Atkinson.  My son, Jeremy and his wife, Valerie and our granddaughter, Mia, live in Forest.  I am the President of the Arkona Lions Club, volunteer with Victim Services of Sarnia-Lambton, assist with Communities in Bloom and participate in the Trash Bash Clean up Days.  I enjoy golfing, walking and spending time with family.

5. I will bring a balanced and unbiased approach to council, to ensure that major issues are properly discussed and that necessary Capital investments continue, keeping the overall tax burden of Lambton Shores in mind.

Doug Cook

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Classy Snap Pac

snap sacIt has been quite some time in the making and searching, but the day finally came – I now have my own version of the shoot sac and after a few weeks of using it, I’m proud to say – it works Fantastic!!!. Yes, it’s true – I do like the Shoot Sac, but for reasons I’m sure you could figure out for yourselves, I chose to go a different route – and came up with my own version of what I have been looking for but never found.  Basically I wanted to be able to have on me at least one other lens, specifically while shooting weddings, something that didn’t get in my way, and it needed to look classy without standing out.  I thought through several different options, finally I decided to make my own Shoot sac using a neoprene laptop case.  During my search for the beginnings of my project though, I came across a bag that had a starting point for exactly what I wanted.  Once again it was a laptop case to begin with, but with a few alterations, it became my dream lens case – Yeah!  With some help from my professional seamstress neighbour Anne Marie, the case now holds up to three lenses easily while having very little bulk (it’s actually not as fat as the Shoot Sac which I like),  it curves around your hip stores my bounce card for when I’m not using my sto-fen, and has a great spot too for a carabiner style watch (I don’t like wearing a watch at a wedding-strange but true)  Currently I tend to keep 2 Canon L lenses and a 580 EX 11  flash with Sto-fen filter on inside of the pac , and then switch out the lenses for the reception allowing me to carry very little during each section of the wedding, and yet always have what I need.  That’s it, top it off with personal embroidery of your business logo, and you have one very classy looking lens pack!Snap Sac 2

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Latest From Gary Fong

Gary Fong Gearguard 4The Lightsphere is the big claim to fame for Gary Fong – one of the best flash diffusers of it’s time – a great piece – biggest con – very bulky.  Lately though,  Gary Fong has come out with a piece of equipment designed to help avoid the thief issue!  I have yet to have a problem with this – and I hope to never obviously, but I thought I would post this here for those of you interested in such a gadget.  My best advice though – Prevention.  Carry as little on you as possible during a shoot – use a shoot sac or a small bag, or something like my snap sac (I’ll show this off tomorrow on the blog),  keeping everything else in your vehicle, and when you arrive at the reception – Talk to the DJ if you are wanting to bring in more equipment, often they will allow you to put your equipment next to them -  safe and sound – just don’t put your camera cards on their large speakers with the Magnets though ;)  

Gary Fong Gearguard 3  Gary Fong Gearguard2  gearguardbody1

***images & video by Gary Fong

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Now Playing

Now Playing at the Forest Kineto Theatre

Eat Pray Love

Sept. 10,11,12,14

Doors open at 7:30, Show Time 8:00PM  All Seats $5

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Katie K

KK 1 rsKatie comes from a family of extremely creative siblings, whether its skating, singing, funning team sports,  or  – acting, there is at least one in the family with these talents!  This past weekend Katie and I had a chance to meet up to get some head shots done for some future talent applications.  It was fun seeing the many faces of Katie, she can definitely switch it up on demand – Good Luck Katie!


KK3 rsKK2 rs

Monday, September 06, 2010

Second Shooting

JH1I’ve mentioned before how I really enjoy the opportunity to second shoot at a wedding – it gives me the chance to shoot without the pressure of being the one who is directing the photography end of the day, while being able to capture some interesting angles.  This past weekend Josh and Julie Anne were married, some of you may remember that Josh and Julie Anne were the couple with the auction wedding jh3package which helped raise money for The Kaeden Brown Foundation.  Because of their support for this foundation, I really wanted to do a few extra’s for the couple.  This included showing up early for during the hair and make up session and staying later during the reception, but there became one more Bonus!  I decided to put out an offer for someone wishing to be second shooter for the day, someone with photography experience, and who were able to show some of their work online, and to simply email me with this information.   Out of those who JH 5 rs

  responded I chose John Heenzy – this turned out to be an excellent decision!  John was professional, stealth, and did  a great job with his images. On top of this – John was not afraid to do what it took to get the shot, including gather burs on his clothes, or climbing the silo the father of the Bride made note of as a great spot for a picture, shortly after we arrived!  For more information, and to see more of John’s work, click Here.  Great Job John!JH3 rs

JH2 rs




And just in case you missed the sunset Saturday night…Sunset

Sunday, September 05, 2010

14 Years In The Making

Fourteen Years – that’s how long Josh & Julie Anne have been waiting for this day, Josh’s brother (also in the wedding party) was only 5 months old when they began dating!  Well, the day finally came, and was it  was well worth the wait!   For this amazing day John Heenzy came out as second shooter, doing a fantastic job, and taking on some dramatically unique angles!  Also on hand was Videography by AnneMarie, capturing the action on video.

Find out more about the guy up top the silo on tomorrow’s blog!

JJ1 JJ2 JJ3jh3 JJ5jj6 jj4

Friday, September 03, 2010

Happy Birthday Girl!

Maddy is definitely Modeling Material :D  Today I had the opportunity to work with Madison as she did her thang for the camera – and this girl knows how to work it!  Celebrating her birthday in a very celeb kind of way, Maddy was no shy girl for the camera – Happy Birthday Madison!!

Maddy 3 Maddy 4  Maddy2Maddy1Maddy 5