Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Canon 5D Mark iii

The Latest Greatest by Canon has hit the shelves – The Canon 5D Mark iii.  This amazing new camera is available…but only if you can find it as it’s flying of the shelves.  Fortunately, there are some locations with the product in stock.  Here is a copy/paste from Michael The Maven’s blog post – remember to mention Michael The Maven sent you when ordering your new Canon 5D Mark iii!

“Hey everyone- just wanted to give you all a heads up a camera store in NY called has "plenty" of Canon 5Diii's in stock. I typically get most of my camera gear from or Adorama, but it seems as if they have both oversold their initial supply and other camera stores are sold out as well.  Canon 5Diii's at
Here is the link:
Canon 5Diii's in Stock at
Tell them Michael The Maven sent you. I don't get anything for the referral, but they seemed a little skeptical I could help them move what they had. I also know they should be getting another shipment on Friday, so once they sell out what they have today, more are coming in shortly.”

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