Saturday, July 11, 2015

Congratulations Paul & Crystal !!!

An absolutely incredible and meaningful day as Paul & Crystal spoke their vows to each other before God, Family and Friends!  I am just so impressed with the love these two have for each other and the incredible support of their family and friends!  Walking into Crystal's parent's home on Saturday you could sense a calm, a peace - a Joy that would last 100 times over!  Crystal was beaming - and the Bridal party were absolutely ready to support their Bride in any way.  After pictures at the home, including pictures with Shelby, the families beloved puppy, we were all off to the church.  Prior to the service the couple planned a very very special moment - together.  They would not see each other, rather they stood on either side of an extending wall, held hands and together thanked God for bringing them to this day, and asking for his guidance in their lives in the future while keeping them focused on Him.  The wedding ceremony was conducted by  Pastor Tyler Strickler,  filled with beautiful sights - funny and emotional moments in the message, and the incredible sounds of beautiful voices during the special pieces of music!  A Cupcake Reception followed at the church, complete with a Photo Booth by Geoff Greening, prior to formals taken out at the beach at the groom's parent's home and then a local ice cream parlour before heading back to the church for the dinner and reception.  
Congratulations Paul & Crystal as you begin your lives together as Husband & Wife!

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