Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bounce Card Testing

Canon System with 430 and 580 flash, tested Arkona Bounce Card in comparison with Gary Fong Lightspere (cloud) and Origami.
So yesterday I received my new flash and Gary Fong Bounce Cards...and I know, some of you may know all about the Gary Fong Lightspere's products, I've used them for quite some time myself - BUT - this is a comparison test - and you may be surprised. You see a month or so ago I designed a very well made and durable bounce card, made of heavy duty white vinyl on the one side, and a a black velvet on the back. The unit is attached simply by thick black velcro sewn into it adjustable to any flash.
The test pictures were all taken with a Canon 50D using a 24-105mm L lens, and the 580 EX II on apeture priority and white balance set to flash. Two reasons why I prefer my bounce card over the Gary Fong system - 1. and this is a HUGE plus - it fits completely flat in your camera bag during travel and 2. there is no fiddling to try to get it attached, it's just slap it on - easy!

Durable Vinyl Flash Card

Gary Fong direct to ceiling
GF 45 Degree Origami

Gary Fong 45 Degree Angle

Gary Fong straight on with cap

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