Thursday, July 16, 2009

It Snowballed Into A Great Canadian Workshop!

Ok, so it didn't end up happening in Canada...but, it was still completely awsome! One of our group was not able to attend due his passport being at home, which he didn't need for the planned workshop in Arkona. Another finally found her passport in...well, an interesting location, after believing all was lost, and she wouldn't be able to attend :) But in the end, the three of us Brian, Wendy and myself, were able to have the amazing experience of learning and creating with the maven in a small group - and amazing doesn't even begin to describe how incredibley helpful this one day workshop was. I was litterally beaming from ear to ear with information gained within the first 45 minutes!
I'll post more later, it's been a long week with a family tragedy and different stresses, but also a week of growing, in so many ways :)

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