Monday, August 24, 2009

How To...leave comments

So, it has come to my attention through a number of people that they are not quite sure how to leave comments on the blog...or, in some situations, don't really understand what a blog is. So, to define blog, let me simi quote "wiki"...pedia - A Blog is a semi website maintained by an individual - the difference being, it is regularily updated. The Captured Innocence Photography Blog is updated regularily, with pictures of different shoots I'm doing, information, experiments, and maybe a few useless tidbits thrown in here and there as well...but I'll try to keep that to a minimum.
When talking with couples preparing for their wedding, I will generally refer them to the blog as it gives a consistant look at my work, rather than simply 30-40 pictures in a one time collection on the portfolio.
Being that we are such an immediate society and love to see our pictures right away, I also like to post a few pictures for new parents of their little ones, which allows them to show off their little miracles right away with family and friends - the last 4 babies I managed to miss out on due to business, but did send the families immediate emails with pictures :) - I have a cool little collection idea planned for those amazing creations though!!
Back to the topic at hand though, part of the reason for a blog is for feedback, input, and contact with "cyberspace". As I posted a little while ago, it was amazing to see that my site has been viewed in at least 10 different countries - I think that is so cool, and would love to hear from you, hear how you found me and any ideas you may have...because whether you know it or not, you have found a site developed in a town of 600 people :)
So here's a visual on how to leave a comment, (just click comments, a window will pop up, and you're good to go)
love to hear from you!

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