Monday, August 10, 2009

Michael Andrew Contest Entries

Catagory: People - processed with MA Paintballer Pro

Category: Nature From last nights storm

Category: Macro A Very Special Ring!

Category:Abstract - Farm Impliment Spring Showing Depth Of Field
Lollipoped with MA Lollipops

While my daughter is busy submitting her entries to TVO kids to try and win a family pass to see The Sound Of Music in Toronto, I figured I would enter a contest put on by one of my well respected photographers. I didn't figure there was enough time to print the pictures properly, and then have them shipped down to Indianapolis in time for the closing date. So I came up with the idea to use Mpix, a well referred site by big names in the photography industry. I uploaded my pictures, chose the plain white border, included my back printing, and I no longer need to stress over time constraints, my shipped order will arrive in lots of time! Now...If I win...first of all I would be thrilled to be able to say I won a contest with Michael Andrew, and secondly, the prize would be WELL used! Excited? Absolutely!!!

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