Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reading Week At Bosanquet

When I was a kid, I had the privilege of attending Bosanquet Central Public School.  Now as  a Mommy, I get to see my children attending the same school.  As a result, I have the opportunity to take part in  some of the extra activities that take part there.  Today was a special day – the final day of Reading Week, and it ended in Great Success!  The kids were encouraged to read books on Hockey all week long and at the end would meet with some of the Sarnia Stings – A Junior A Team from Sarnia, Ontario.  The Sting players came out, read hockey books to the children in their classrooms, and after handing out prizes, and playing a little indoor hockey with the kids and principal, signed autographs.  The event included an assembly as well as a meal for all of the children, complete with hamburger, veggies, ice cream and milk.  Chris O’Reilly conceived the idea, and has spear headed this event over the  last few years, even to the point of bringing in jersey’s for the teachers to wear, as the students were encouraged to wear their hockey outfits today as well; and with the help of teachers and parents the day was a complete success Here are a few of the shots, including one of the Jersey winners – Cameron, who was awarded his fully autographed Jersey after reading the most books out of the intermediate division.  Congratulations to everyone!

Stings-7_resize Stings-13_resize Stings-20_resize Stings-54_resize Stings-77_resize

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