Monday, July 04, 2011

Red Barn Fruit Farm- Ready For the Pickin’

If you are looking for a fun family outing with some sweet rewards – this is the time of year and the place to go!  Arkona is known for it’s fruit farms, with cherries, apples, peaches….and the list goes on.  But right now – it’s time for my favourite!  Sweet cherries!!    I remember as a kid my Dad taking us out to Marsh’s Fruit Farms – Now – Red Barn Fruit Farm, filling pales of cherries, and having a visit with the neighbours.  Today the same country hospitality is still going strong when you visit the Red Barn Fruit Farm as families come from miles around to visit the farm…which also has a  special treat - “secret door” that the kids will be sure to search out! 

Note: Old Country Charm is also easy to keep up with in the 21st Century – check out what’s In Season, or place an order online at www.RedBarnFruitFarm.comRed Barn 1

Red Barn 2

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