Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Digital Image File Storage

This is of course a must. There is actually a prediction out there that because of our digital age of photography, with many people only taking the pictures, and not printing them off, that years of pictures will be lost due to improper storage, and other disasters like computer crashes. The top 2 ways of storing your images in my opinion are: an external hard drive, and online ie. Smug Mug. Here's why:
Jump Drives & Memory Cards - they are meant for temporary storage, long term, it's a risk you don't need to take.
CD's & DVD's - Expectant life span approx 7 years
Computer Hard Drive - with the size of files that today's cameras are taking being so large, this will quickly bog down your system, on top of which, risking your images to a virus is a very common threat.
It's an investment, but a REALLY good one - use an external method - external hard drive and/or online storage ie. Smug Mug

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