Thursday, May 14, 2009

White Balance And Presets

Ever wonder what your white balance on your camera does? Well basically your camera just isn't as intelligent as those cool eyeballs God created in each of us! Granted there is AWB - auto white balance setting, but even though it does a pretty good job, it can still really get confused when shooting in shade or other lighting ie. florescent lighting. Your colours may not appear as vibrant, or they may even give you a colour cast - Don't be afraid to play with your white balance to see what type of looks you can get.
The pictures posted here are:
1. White balance set improperly to florescent 1/250 f 7.1 ISO 100 EF L 16-35mm
2. White balance corrected Plus:
Lightroom Presets Applied Rawesome, Epic Seims Dark Vignette, Seims Nature Boy

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