Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas Ornament Memories

ornamentsWe collect Christmas ornaments, I mean, not just our home, but in general, we all tend to have at least a small collection of ornaments that we get out around this time each year.  Some have very special meaning, and others, well, they are just pretty :)  These are just a few of the ornaments from our tree, The gold painted wooden star we made the year we got married, we didn’t have very many ornaments then, so this one, along with several mini wreaths made from a willow tree nearby were spray painted gold and we were good to go!  The snow baby ornament was given to us after the birth of our little girl from the kids Great Grandma – a sweet reminder of a lovely lady.  Nut crackers, seem to be a hit for Bradley, I’m not entirely sure why he got into these, but it seems he is drawn to them in the stores every year around this time.  And the snowflake is simply nice to see, I look forward to a white Christmas and playing in the snow with my husband and the kids and hearing their laughter, including my husbands scoobie laugh! (I know you’re reading this Honey!!)  What memories do you associate with Your Christmas ornaments ?


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