Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Second Christmas Miracle

Car Repair Framed Yesterday we had a family day in London.  On our way home last night, less than 10 minutes from home, we had a real problem though.  Suddenly while going around a curve it felt like we lost a tire off of the rear drivers side (turned out it was resting firmly in the wheel well).  Ralph kept the vehicle under control and avoided any oncoming traffic and managed to get it over to the side.  That was were the miracle began!  But then…Within moments a man and his wife stopped on the other side of the road and asked if he could help.  He got out, figured out the problem, and told us he could probably rig it so we could get it safely off the road (the exact issue had recently happened to a friend of his, so he was already experienced in a quick fix for it!).  His wife was so sweet and patient, and had no problem as he went straight to work.  Next, a block of wood was necessary.  Along came another driver, a woman who said she lived right up the road, and asked if she could get anything for us – she went home and sent her brother back with a 2x4 as requested.  Meanwhile, our neighbour Ann Marie was on her way to pick up the kids, I had called and asked if she could come so that the kids wouldn’t be at risk sitting in the vehicle on the side of the road-not a  problem, she was out the door and on her way.  Next, the 2x4 was too long for the job, so I took the board and hopped over the ditch and ran to a neighbour – I thought I had never met.  Only to find I had taken his picture at a Youth For Christ Golf Tournament Fundraiser.  The couple were very nice, and the gentleman went right to work cutting the board to length for me.  Now, with the right length of wood, our first good Samaritan took the block and gave it to Ralph to put into position, as he raised the vehicle up the extra bit beyond what the jack was doing.  IT WORKED!  But they weren’t positive it would hold, so…both men then hopped into their vehicles and followed Ralph all the way back to Arkona…and then drove off into the sunset :). 

Today after making a quick stop into see the Dr. for Bradley – another WOW, (just to be able to have the Dr. take a look at our son so quickly for an issue and get him back on the mend, and then dropping the kids off with my neices :) so the kids could have fun while I ran around); I took the vehicle in to see about the repair – at first, things looked grim, possibly a total write off, but then things took another twist.  I went to Bowles Garage/Auto wreckers, who had also seen this issue before (rear suspension - Toast), and told me, they may not be able to get it done in time for Christmas – IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  If you can even do the repair – that would be AMAZING!  I don’t expect to hear back, or have the vehicle before Christmas – but I can say, the experience made me smile – seeing yet another Christmas Miracle shown through the kindness of others!

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