Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

This day will be an exciting one!  The torch run, surprise family pictures, the hay ride and visit with Santa, and our Christmas Eve service at the chapel, a full day!   Due to a change of events yesterday, we didn’t make it to the States, instead we did our annual Christmas Eve visit to the hospital and handed out flowers to the patients – a day early, but there were no complaints :).  The first time our family did this, Bradley was so young – he couldn’t quite talk clearly, I still remember him with a female patient saying “Ladie, Ladie, Merry Chri Ma Ladie”.  This year the kids gave out an extra treat in rooms were it seemed appropriate, they would do a little duet, it was so sweet to see.  We ended the day off visiting with good friends, so nice.  And now, on to a new day!  The kids are so excited, Amy has been “X”ing off the calendar, and even did a practice run of making cookies for Santa, to be sure they were Just Right!  And we enjoy going through the boxes – over and over and over again, in our set of “What God Wants For Christmas”.  This is a set we got through Focus On The Family, each day you get to open a gift box and add to the Nativity Scene, the final box is what God wants for Christmas, and the entire series keeps you focused on the Real meaning of Christmas.

Enjoy Christmas Eve, and the thoughts of  the amazing and awesome event that took place so many years ago, with a tiny baby who came to live among us!

And For Those Of You Interest In What’s Now Playing In Forest At               

The Kineto Theatre…

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