Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The House That Jack Built

25408_347690999000_733129000_3732607_1896798_nThis past Sunday, the dreads came off.  One by one, each of Jessica’s 50 dread locks we snipped by family and friends who came out in support and to take part in the fundraising event to raise money for “The House That Jack Built”.  The House That Jack Built is a registered charity with the Baptist Haiti Mission of Canada and is helping build homes for those in need in Haiti.  The charity itself  was set up in honour of builder Jack Michielsen,  – Jessica’s Dad, who died in 2005.  Jessica had been growing her dread locks since then as part of her grieving process with the knowledge of cutting them off after a period of 5 years after her Dad’s passing to raise money for the fund.  Each of Jessica’s 50 dread locks were “sold” for $100, but that wasn’t it!  The goal of $5000 was more than exceeded, with the Grand Total raised coming in at $12300.00! 

The House That Jack Built is an amazing work that is providing safe solid homes for families in Haiti.  If you would like to be a part of building homes through donating to this worthwhile cause donations can be made to the Baptist Haiti Mission Canada  (note: The House That Jack Built ) and donations over $10 are receiptable. The House that Jack Built Baptist Haiti Mission Canada P.O. Box 11 602 Wellington Ave. Wallaceburg, ON. N8A 4L5

Unfortunately I was unable to be present during this event but thanks to others, including Brianne Teetzel there are some nice visual memories!

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