Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photoshop Class


The date is set – Saturday, April 24th will be the day we conquer some photoshop!  The class is scheduled to go through the basics of photoshop including the 5 interfaces: Menu, Options, Toolbar, Palettes, and Image Area.  As we work our way through we will be creating our own Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches using the tools we learn.  This class is designed as a beginner class, and will have the option of more detailed instruction in follow up classes, but will give you a major starting point to get more out of this amazing software.  To get the most out of this day, participants will need, or be able to share a laptop loaded with Photoshop.  The cost is $65, and class will be a one day event in Arkona, with a pot luck lunch, and lots and lots of learning fun!  Space is limited, so please contact me by email if you are interested in taking part in a great day of learning.

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