Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Locked And Loaded For The Dragon’s Den

I have yet to find a simple somewhat classy “holster" type lens holder that I can use during shoots – specifically weddings.  I’d like something that will hold a 24-105mm L lens while I’m shooting with my wide and vice versa, but so far can only find things like the Tamrac system – which tends to move around a lot, the Shootsacs by Jessica Claire, which are Way more than a simple lens holder, or this – which I actually don’t believe would fit a lens, but the idea is closer to my thinking since it would allow the weight of the lens to balance better along your side.  If you have any ideas, or have experience with different lines of lens holders, please feel free to share – I’d love your input :)

c616_grab_it_pack_gadget_holster c616_grab_it_pack_gadget_holster_inuse

Found this item, called the Grab-It Pack Gadget Holster at  it’s a bit too McGiver for me yet but…1t_holster if I could sew and create as easily as I just “photochopped” the above image into the image on the right, I’d make what you see with no big buckle clips, instead, simple velcro there, no second wrap around pocket, and possibly made in a brushed leather to make it a little more dressy/classy looking.  Sounds like an item for the Dragons Den – anyone wishing to make up a prototype, I’d be happy to be the tester.  These could even be designed with the photographers logo’s in them!





Follow Up:  Thanks For Your Response Jeanette – Just had to share !


And then there is the HoldSLR at  - now despite the great McGiver look I could have if I go with the above, a slight change or two to the holdslr may be more to my liking :)


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