Monday, August 09, 2010

Camera Rain Jackets

Camera Rain Jacket Today I was out with the kids in London.  The weather was very “iffy”, and drizzled much of the day – perfect conditions for the day actually – not too hot, and the kids barely knew it was raining most of the time as they were in and out of the splash pad!  It brought to mind however, an important piece of equipment I carry with me – my camera’s rain jacket!  This little gadget has been at times invaluable – totally saving the shoot, and…camera.  These really aren’t that expensive, This one pictured is one by Thinktank, and is probably one of the higher priced ones I’ve seen for a straight SLR camera, running around $200.  I would highly suggest a rain jacket to anyone who shoots professionally, or those who like to shoot in extreme conditions.

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