Thursday, August 26, 2010

Epic Jasmine Star EClass

Jasmine Class

This is the week!  It has finally arrived, and I can just imagine the butterflies in this girls stomach as the beginning of Creative Lives’ broadcast began.  From Wednesday to Sunday of this week, Jasmine Star will be teaching on a variety of topics – on the air – Live – with Friday’s class being a 9 hour coverage of an actual wedding shoot.  At one point today during the class I noticed that 4100 other students were taking part, and the message board was going completely nuts.  I didn’t give much notice to the message board however as Jasmine has a habit of speaking very quickly, and is constantly throwing out personal perspectives, insights and valuable information.  Today’s class ran from 2-8pm EST with a 45 minute break for dinner,  fortunately I do have Windows 7 with my “snap feature”, so some multi tasking is possible with editing during the broadcast.  In class for the next few days!


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