Saturday, August 14, 2010

Paul & Jenn

The date of August 14th has now been put down in history as the day Paul & Jenn made it official!   The wedding took place in Mount Carmel with an incredibly meaningful service, and continued right along in style and fun!  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jenn’s family before with the wedding of Tim & Kaylea McGee in 2008, a couple I was happy to get to see again today.  The families of Paul and Jenn are such nice people, and I’m sure will be quite a support to this newly married couple. 

There were some incredible personal touches at the reception as well, and nice to see images from their engagement shoot that we had done earlier in the year in several areas of the hall!  Congratulations Paul & Jenn – what an incredible day!

JP Framed


  1. What a beautiful video for a beautiful couple so much in love you could taste it. The whole day was beautiful from start to finish and Captured Innocence Photograpy has captured it with A1 Class.

  2. It was truly a beautiful day and so much of it is captured right here in these pictures; great job!!!!!!!

  3. Wow, Your wedding pics are so beautiful!!!! I am so sad I had to miss it. Thanks for a glims of how special and beautiful your day was!


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