Monday, November 01, 2010

Found Dog Halloween Night

The lost has been found!  As of 8:30 tonight, "Sniffer" AKA -  Chester -  is now home with his family safe and sound!  Thanks to Dylan for solving the mystery!

There were lots of little spooks out last night, among them however was this very healthy and happy hound dog.  “Sniffer” whom my son aptly named this morning, was brought by by our neighbour – a Huge “furry baby” fan, she spent part of her evening walking the dog up and down the road trying to find his owner.  We offered to keep the dog here till the owners were found, and she happily brought us some dog food and blankets for him.  Sniffer is doing very well, taking me for a walk this morning, and currently keeping my feet warm as I type this blog.  If you know Sniffer’s true family, please call 519-828-3686


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