Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hufa Holder

There are literally thousands of gadgets out there for photographers, some will be useful, others are just something to waste your money on that’s only purpose is to get someone to ask - “what is that for?”  Recently I found a gadget that is so simple, and yet, is so worth getting.  It’s called the hufa – the original lens cap holder.  So many times you see those awkward strings with the stickies attached that are to help you not loose your lens cap – the problem is, they normally end up hanging in the way somehow.  With the hufa, there are no strings attached!  It is basically a clip that you can attach to your camera strap.  I personally prefer to use the hand strap, so there is no strap space to fasten the hufa to, but the nice thing is you can fasten it anywhere, to your shoot sac or even clip it onto your clothes – and always know where your lens cap is when you need it!  Find it here at

Hufa Holder

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