Saturday, November 06, 2010

November + Arkona + Snow

IMG_7933_resizeYou remember the Great Dumping of snow we received in Arkona only a couple of years ago – the record breaking one!  Well, it just seems like Arkona and November, and Snow go well together.  I was driving home last night only to find that the closer I got to Arkona, the more thoroughly the snow was coming down.  This morning when we got up, there was more than a little blanket of snow on the ground.  And if you have any doubt, take a look…

ps.  Just to add a photography learning aspect to this post.  If you are ever curious about the date an image was taken (say for instance you didn’t believe these pictures actually were taken only a few hours ago) You can check out the “meta data” on your images.  The meta data on a digital image will tell you the day, and time, along with the settings used to take your image.  Very Useful Information!

IMG_7228_resize IMG_7850_resize     IMG_7916_resize IMG_7918_resize IMG_7921_resize  IMG_7940_resize IMG_7894_resizeIMG_7965_resize 

  IMG_7947_resize IMG_7948_resize IMG_7943_resize

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