Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Love Story

A Love Story To Give You A Smile For The Weekend!

Backstory as written by Colin Cabalka: This was created for Emily Wilson, who is the sister of Sarah Wilson, a girl I met and became good friends with at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Sarah thought it would be a good idea to set me and her sister up despite the obvious distance in between California (where I live) and Florida (where they live). So I made a video for her sister and got one back, and thus we started talking in June 09, and I am going out to Florida in January 2010... Thus, a good reason to make such a video!

From Colin…

Haven't Met You Yet - Music Video from Colin Cabalka on Vimeo.

And here is Emily’s Response…

In Response from Sarah Wilson Thacker on Vimeo.

And The Result…

The Proposal

Posted August 18, 2010.
Colin arranged a surprise visit to Sea World for Emily's birthday (well or so she thought). The only access the public has to the penguin habitat is by viewing from behind the thick glass. If a visitor gets lucky they may be able to walk on the concrete behind the scenes to pet a penguin, but they aren't allowed on the snow. After speaking with a few connections and after lots of phone calls emails and organizing, he had an in at SeaWorld.
Here's the Pre-Proposal story:
Along long time ago, a boy named Colin reached out of a bus window and gave cookies to two girls, Sarah and Shannon, in Cannes France at the Film Festival. These girls then told Colin that he would make a perfect match for Emily Wilson (Sarah's sister in Florida). Colin & Emily began talking long distance without ever meeting, sending videos like this: and then getting something like this as a response: Eventually they met in the airport when Colin went to pickup Sarah and EMILY jumped out. They fell for each other fast, and 8 months later, Colin had a bigger surprise for Emily. :)
The idea of the penguin proposal started with the metaphor of penguins picking a mate for life. Emily asked Colin to be her penguin about a few months after dating, and the metaphor has always been part of their relationship. When Colin decided he wanted to propose, he had to do something really big, and yet still original and significant to their relationship.
Special thanks to Brandon & Sophia Hyde for helping shoot photos and video while being completely undercover and not giving anything away! (

Congratulations You Two!!!

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