Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Your Kids Teeth

Listerine Agent Cool Blue-0562


We have had our kids use mouth wash for quite some time now – but recently I picked up this product called Agent Cool Blue by Listerine.  I thought the kids would like it as it was “bubble blast” flavour, but never really looked at the bottle carefully…thankfully, the kids did.  You see this mouthwash is to be used BEFORE brushing.  It actually coats your child’s teeth to show your child where they need to brush to get a really clean mouth. Brush away the blue – brush away the plaque and tarter.  A gimmick ? Oh you could say  that…but it works!  And in this case, while I was at the dentist yesterday, I found that they really liked the product as well.  Check it out, it’s fun for the kids, and you’ll know they a brushing properly!

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