Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Election Results


With so much devastation in our world today, the events over the last few days have been a good change…the royal wedding, followed by the bin laden event, and finally the Canadian Elections Results!  Canada now has a Conservative Majority Government, with and NDP Minority.  “Stephen Harper's Conservatives, win their first majority, defeating Jack Layton's NDP. NDP passes Liberals as the official opposition, with the largest representation from Quebec; NDP previously had little presence in Quebec. Liberals fall to their lowest seat count in history, party leader Michael Ignatieff loses own seat. BQ support evaporates to the NDP; BQ left with only a rump of 4 seats in Quebec, party leader Gilles Duceppe loses own seat. Green Party leader Elizabeth May wins its first ever seat.”

I was really proud of those in the Arkona area – What a Great representation we had!  Here is a recap of our local results:


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