Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Your King And Country Needs You!

Recently we had the privilege of being able to attend the re-enactment of The Battle Of Longwoods at the Longwoods Conservation Area west of Deleware, Ontario.  This was an incredible experience filled with details and the excitement of hands on learning.  Thank you to Glenn Stott for spreading the word and letting us know about the event.

And for the many photographers at the event – if you have a great image you would like to share, please send it to myself at , or the address below with your information to be sure you are credited for your image as they may be used in future publications.

Below is an excerpt from the event, please feel free to contact the Royal Scots at

Your King and Country need you!

Rather than needing the ability to march twenty miles a day our recruits need a sense of humour, a love of history and a desire to bring it alive.

The bicentennial for the War of 1812 and the Napoleonic War is approaching. If you have an interest in history, camping, Canadianna, forts etc., NOW is the time to join to be ready.


To become a member of an elite company of light troops in the


Take part in the 200th anniversaries of

Queenston Heights Lundy’s Lane Battle of the Thames

Ft Niagara Ft Erie Stoney Creek Chrysler’s Farm

And the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium 2015!


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