Monday, May 30, 2011

The Latest From Hassleblad

The Hasselblad was my first professional camera after graduating college with my photography diploma in 1990.  Worth a small fortune, however I was fortunate enough to begin working for another photographer and worked it off over some time.  It was a totally manual camera, with the special “speed wind dial” – WOW – how much camera’s have changed in 20+ years!  You can now pick up the latest Hasselblad camera boasting 200 – yes – Two Hundred megapixels…for a mere $45,000 – now shipping Smile

The Following Post By Joe Pollicino posted May 26th 2011 6:02AM At

Hasselblad's H4D-200MS is yet another upgrade to its H4D camera line that we want badly, but wouldn't have a need -- or a budget -- for. This latest piece of kit is nearly identical to the 50 megapixel H4D-50MS externally, but internally adds an astonishing 150 more megapixels to the mix -- yes, that's an astounding 200 megapixels! Don't feel forgotten just yet if you have the older model, though, as Hasselblad can upgrade your sensor for €7,000 (roughly $10,000) -- a great deal considering the full kit costs €32,000 (about $45,000). With that said, we should note that details are null on the medium-format sensor's native resolution -- similar to the multi-shot feature on the 50MS, the new 200MS combines six shots to create ridiculously detailed 200 megapixel still images, and it handles less intensive photos with a four-shot 50 megapixel still mode. Should you dare to venture outside the studio, there's a 50 megapixel single-shot live mode for quick shots as well. Excuse us while we wrap our heads around the sheer number of pixels; you'll find more info after the break in the meantime.

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