Friday, October 16, 2009

Farm Life

rs IMG_9884-2 I grew up on a farm…and seriously felt sorry for those kids growing up in town, or especially the city!  I mean the wide open space – it’s one of the greatest things!!  Well, I now live “in town”, and as a parent I see things a little different, I can be a little over protective :) rs IMG_9886-2   I still absolutely love the farms though, and it’s so neat to see my nieces and nephews out on the main farm doing way way way more than I ever did-I would say my experience was more fun – these guys have fun, but they also have a Great work ethic, and are always on their way to feed, or milk, or one of the many other jobs that needs done daily with their parents.  rs IMG_9905-2

This past Monday on Thanksgiving, I stopped in with the kids to see the new baby donkey.  She is so cute and fuzzy!   This is the first baby donkey I have ever seen –it’s pretty amazing - so I thought I would share this adorable little creation!  (please excuse my exposure issues, it was actually kind of dark :) )

rs IMG_9919-2

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