Monday, October 19, 2009

Workshops and Photographers

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take part in a Lighting Workshop in a beautiful area here in Ontario.  The backgrounds, the architecture –everything – other workshop1than the HUGE amount of road kill we saw on the way there – it was a nice sight seeing trip.  The group was small, which wasn’t a bad thing in any way, and I was able to pick up a few new tidbits to pack in the brain.  And as with any learning experience, there is going to be stuff you need to sift through, toss out, and keep, but in the end if you gleaned some information that’s helpful then it was worth it.  In this case I actually found some of the side information i.e.. book printers etc, to be the information I appreciated the most.  The mini shoot was good, and I enjoyed the walk about, but what I enjoy most about it all, was watching others work – beginners and pros alike.

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