Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mark & Leanne

Yesterday I had the pleasure of capturing the memories of Mark and Leanne’s INCREDIBLE wedding day! I had a pretty good idea in advance that this couple were going to be fun, But, with the weather looking the way it was, and the bride having individual itinerary’s…as mentioned to Leanne last night – Brides and itinerary’s often means – Stressed Out Bride!...well, it was anything but!! First let me describe the Bride in 3 words – Beautiful, Organized, Sweet. And the Groom – Handsome, Gentleman, Mint , and Both – Very Very Cool!
Here is a quick overview of this incredible day!

PS. For those interested - There was a videographer at the wedding as well, who was absolutely Fantastic!

And Incredibly The Weather Cooperated Too!

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  1. Leanne & Mark,

    Luckily, the link worked from home, so I was able to finally view your wedding video/pictures. Incredible! I've never seen real joy brought to life so vividly. The photos are stunningly beautiful, because Leanne and Mark - you are both special! Wishing you all the best, Angie


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