Friday, April 23, 2010

Brown’s Blossoms

Brown Blossoms1You know summer is near when you see the blossoms – it is early, true – but so pretty to see.  The blossoms are in full bloom, and despite last nights frost – still look white and fluffy!  These are just a few shots from Brown’s  Red Barn Fruit Farm this morning; including my favourite tree – don’t ask me why – not sure if it’s the shape, the ease to climb, or what it is – I just like this one particular tree -  I can almost taste the sweet cherries now!

  Brown Blossoms2Brown Blossoms3Brown Blossoms4

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  1. Great photos Heather! A true capture of Spring cherry blossoms! Lets keep our fingers crossed that those pretty little flowers will turn into jummy, delicious fruit!
    You are awesome!


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