Monday, April 12, 2010

Photoshop CS5

CS5-photoshop-should-i-buy Just posted today:  Adobe Announces CS5 in Press Releases

The amazing advancements in photoshop are simply hard to keep up with…at least price wise that is.  I mean the software is completely amazing!  But to upgrade each time they come out with the latest version is a little hard on the pocket book, at least at the rate they are going.  It is worth the upgrade for anyone who seriously uses Photoshop, it’s just a hard pill to swallow sometimes.  I looked it up, and it’s a $799 bill for just the upgrade from what I currently have – though I know there are cheaper sources to get only what you would like.  I would certainly recommend the Adobe Store for a download of the software, I’ve used this method in the past, and would give it high praise.

Photoshop’s content aware software demo:


Ok, so maybe it’s not as smart as the first video, but it can do this…

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