Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Training Day

5-FireTraining_resize The Lambton Mutual Aid Training Day took place this past Saturday – and I can tell you one thing – I am NOT ready to be a firefighter!  Firstly the equipment – though toasty warm (yeah) was extremely Heavy, and once loaded down with all of the additional safety gear, that has got to be so cumbersome and awkward.  Then, the drills – and oh, there were a lot of drills, ones where you climb down ladders face first – nope – I don’t do heights so well, or perhaps crawling through a cramped booby trapped maze…in the dark…timed – claustrophobia would set in well before I hit mid point, or simply trying to see clearly when your oxygen mask fogs up.  I was seriously done by the end of the day and my job was totally from a photographic stand point.  The majority of these guys that took time out on Saturday to train in one of 5 areas offered in this one day course – where volunteers.  I won’t try listing all of the towns represented there as I’m sure I will miss at least one, but - Thank you to all of our Fire and Rescue Personnel, you are very much appreciated!  Also, for those of you who have sent emails or have been requesting images through Dave Kaz., there will be a disc available to you once the editing process is completed, I believe one copy will be given to each department where you can make copies as you wish.



Thanks to Dave Kaz of the Arkona Fire Department for setting things up so I was able to take these pictures throughout the day :D


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