Monday, April 26, 2010

Kermit Takes A Plunge!

What happens when the kids go off to school and Mommy gets a hold of their toys ?  I practice water shots of course !!  Poor Kermit, he was sitting in the bathtub, all ready for a water fight, little did he know he was going to be cannon balled by a Polly Pocket dish of water from above!Kermit rsSummer is getting closer and many of us will be hitting the beach, but there are a few things to keep in mind when you take your camera to the beach:  1:  Electronics and water don’t mix – be very very careful, and if you do happen to make the mistake of getting your camera wet – right away – PULL THE BATTERY, and leave it for 48hrs.  I’m not guaranteeing this will save your camera, but it could.  2:  Trying to capture those water splash shots - up your shutter speed, and have fun catching the water drops in action.  3:  To get a very smooth glowing type look of running water, a slow shutter speed is what you are looking for.  4:  One last camera safety tip – Sand and cameras don’t mix well at all either – those little particles can get into your camera or lens and cause you a huge repair bill – avoid taking your camera on a windy day to lesson the chance of getting flying sand into your camera.

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