Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Forest Relay For Life 2010

An amazing group of individuals got together last night to walk the night through.  The annual relay for life took place at the Forest Fair Grounds were the walkers pledged to walk and walk and walk.  Walking for the fight, walking for the future.  Thank you to all who participated, here is a quick recap of your amazing efforts of the night!  Also -  Videography by AnneMarie was present during the evening, you can catch her video Here.



  1. Heather the slide show was remarkable!! You have an awesome talent. It actually sent a shiver on me and a few tears were dropped! It was very moving. THANK YOU for the memories.

  2. Beautiful, moving video Heather. You captured some of the greatest moments of the night. Another amazing effort from a small community I still call HOME even though I live in Sarnia!!
    Heather Taylor

  3. This was so beautiful thanks so much for your lovely pictures so we could all see what a great night yous all experienced. Very touching♥♥ Lorrie

  4. These are wonderful photographs! Thanks so much!

  5. What a beutiful way to capture one night in our Fight Against Cancer! The "I Believe in the Power of You and I" music is so appropriate, especially this year of Canada's Olympics. Johnna

  6. What a wonderful event. Forest is such a great close-knit community who come together to celebrate, remember & fight back. WELL DONE FOREST RELAY FOR LIFE. Debbie

  7. Thank you so much for the chance to relive a truly inspiring night with the beautiful pictures.

  8. Wow....I've got goosebumps and tears all at the same always, an outstanding job, Heather.....and I'm SOOOO refreshed and ready for our Sarnia Relay for Life 2010....this makes me go back to my online pledging system, and GOING, GOING, GOING......
    Thanks for sharing your gifts, your talents, and your heart with all of us.....
    Cheryl Cassin
    Legacy Lappers
    Sarnia Relay For Life Team


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