Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunset The Butterfly

sb2 This morning I found a butterfly and the kids aptly named it Sunset for it’s beautiful colours.  As I see the carefree, beautiful colours, it reminds me of a child and their whimsical love of life.  Today I think of Kaeden and his family - a carefree spirit remembered. 

“So listen to the sunset  Enjoy its beauty true  When you see it, think of me  And I will think of you”

Listen To The Sunset by Lilli Singh

Listen to the sunset,
Hear its silent sigh
As it falls down the horizon
Warning, the moon is nigh
Listen to the sunset
Hear its silent threat
That darkness will be upon us
It makes everyone upset
Listen to the sunset
The vanity of its words
How beautiful this sunset is
With its colour, and birds
Listen to the sunset
See its pretty hue
But I cant enjoy the sunset
If I am not with you
All the pretty colours are meaningless
So are the birds, and the sounds
Because it all means nothing to me
If you are not around
Just remember this though,
Promise you wont forget,
Even if your far away,
We'll be watching the same sunset
So listen to the sunset
Enjoy its beauty true
When you see it, think of me
And I will think of you


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