Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Hydro Bill ???

For those of you who picked up your notice regarding your upcoming hydro bills yesterday you are very likely frustrated, and wondering how you can possibly add this into your budget.  All in all, there is an increase by approximately 21%.  The implementers of this are counting on us  acting like Canadians and simply accepting it – but do you realize there is still time to stop it?  Less than 30 seconds of your day, and you can make a difference.  Please take a moment, take a stand!  Click Here

pic_1 Harmonized Sales Tax will mean a significant increase in cost for Ontario Consumers.
Some examples:
Alarm Monitoring Services – the effective cost to a consumer will increase by 8% -  Yes commercial and industrial customers will see the same increase but they are able to claim the increase back as an input tax credit.
When you get your hair cut – price goes up by 8% as this is a “service” that was previously subject only to the GST.
I bought gas at my favourite PetroCanada Station – City Centre Car Wash.  The wash and wax and Armour-all – extras - cost me $1.00 GST.  After July 1 that same $20.00 worth of extras will cost $ 2.60.
Remember that Dalton promised no tax increases.  He lied.  He has increased taxes.  But the Harmonized Sales Tax is so much more of a tax increase compared to all his other taxes.
Most people do not realize just how much HST is going to cost.  HST = Harmful Significant Tax
It is not too late!
As you are aware, the HST is coming into effect July 1, 2010, and will apply to services that usually only charge GST.  If you would like to oppose this new tax, then please sign the Petition in the website listed below.  We need signatures of 10 percent of Ontario's population to call a referendum.  Perhaps you may know of someone you could forward it to.


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