Monday, June 07, 2010

Wedding at the Lamplighter

This past weekend I shot another wonderful wedding at the Lamplighter in London - I love shooting here because really – you Never have to worry about weather, and yet, it feels like you are on a tropical island.  The ceremony was beautiful, and the Lamplighter staff were as usual right on top of things with the details surrounding the event . It was a wonderful wedding and the couple were so cute together. Roy, the groom was one of London’s finest, and wore his officer’s uniform for the day displaying his dress code royal red; and the bride Jannette, was simply stunning in her champagne dress and bouquet of beautiful red roses.
9The couple were just perfect together.... it's really a beautiful thing to witness.
The wedding was coordinated by the
Lamplighter, and the DJ was Rob Aitken from Music Central who gave a complete class act for everyone.  To top things off there was even a jazz quartet (Sandy MacKay) was amongst the specialties of the day for the guests.

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