Friday, December 03, 2010

At The Races

Like any area of photography, sports photography has its on set of challenges.  Being able to find and focus in on your subject in a split second, and getting that tack sharp action can be your biggest challenge.  Here are a few tips on getting your action shots – maybe even some shots of the kids as they are racing around at Christmas this year!

1.  Know your sport.  The better you know your sport ie. hockey, the more you will understand the game, and be able to anticipate the players next move.

2.  Increase Your ISO Settings.  Higher ISO settings will allow you to use higher shutter speeds when lighting conditions are less than ideal.  Be careful not to go too high though or you will have grainy images.

3.  Fast Shutter Speed.  Be sure to use faster shutter speeds ie. 1/800 sec  and higher.  These images below were all shot at 1/1600 sec F4.5 ISO 400

4.  Take Lots Of Shots.  It’s Digital – so go ahead – Take Lots!  Chances are by doing so you’ll catch something amazing!

Horse 1 Horse 2 Horse 3

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