Sunday, December 05, 2010

Spider Camera Holster

Spider-Holster 4Another great tool I found last year while researching lens carrying options was the Spider Camera Holster.  Unfortunately it wasn’t exactly a lens holding unit, but actually works better for those who specifically like to carry more than one camera instead of changing lenses.  The Spider Camera Holster like the Black Rapid, allows you to take the tension from your neck by putting the weight at your waist.   In addition the Spider Camera Holster has the optional side padded belt, though, the spider mechanism itself can be used with a regular pant belt.  One issue the Spider was able to overcome in comparison to the Black Rapid is the ability to mount your camera onto a tripod without disassembling the product – though – chances are, if you’re wearing a Black Rapid, you likely aren’t using a tripod.

Spider Holster 1 Spider-Camera-Holster 3 

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