Saturday, December 04, 2010

Photographer Gift Ideas

RS-4Just another gift idea for the photographer in your life.  Actually this is a bit of a double hitterProductFB but similar concepts.  The concept for the Strap Buddy is to use the camera strap that comes with your camera, I would say at least 90% of DSLR owners use the included camera strap, the strap that attaches on the top two clips of your camera,and rarely feels comfortable.  Black Rapid came out with a way around this with their RS-4 Black Rapid and special attachment.  Then they bettered themselves by coming out with the, Women's version, the RS-W1 that crosses more comfortably in the front.  Both of the products are fantastic, well built, and consumer friendly.  It’s a good concept, and the makers of the Strap Buddy seemed to have a similar idea, (though I can’t say I know much about their safety features like Black Rapid) creating their attachment, and supplying it, as a stand alone product.  The downfall of course comes if you SBtopsideare wanting to put your camera onto a tripod R-3at  some point, you would need to remove the attachment button whether using the Strap Buddy or Black Rapid product.  On the up side however, the Black Rapid product does offers the user an easy detachable clip, several safety features, and a number of add-ons,  putting  the Black Rapid product way ahead in my mind as the product to get whether you are a hobbyist or pro. ….Stay tuned to see the product I would suggest ( after much research! ) for those who use the hand strap rather than included camera strap.

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