Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Reece Prints Baby Fingerprint Jewellery

Baby Finger Print Recently I met with a Mommy who had a really neat pendant style necklace on.  When I asked about it I found out that it was made locally – it was fingerprint jewellery, a fingerprint impression of her little baby girl.  That fingerprint - a moment in time permanently preserved in a silver fingerprint jewellery charm.  She said she had received a certificate to have this done at her Baby Shower, it was such a neat thing, and made a really nice piece of jewellery.  If you are interested in getting something unique and meaningful for yourself or a new Mommy you know - check this out.  Thanks for passing along the information to me Angela!

Reece Prints   519.332.4286

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  1. One of the best baby jewelries to have. I am glad you share it with us. The pendant is quite a style.


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