Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Because After The Wedding Day…

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Every Bride to be has a huge collection of decisions ahead of her as she begins to plan her wedding day.  The venue, the flowers, the dress, the favours, the cake, the menu, the caterer…and of course, the Photographer.  Looking through Bridal Magazines can be helpful, and there are often lists of sample questions for choosing your photographer.  I see some of the questions listed there as essential – however the best write up I have seen was written by a photographer couple out of the States.  GrantDeb Photographers is an award winning husband and wife photography team with amazing talents located in South Eastern Virginia.  The article written encourages couples to look at 5 different categories, and feel comfortable with your choice.  I would encourage all Bridal Couples to read this, because after the wedding day, when the flowers have died, the dress is boxed, and the food is eaten, your wedding photography is the one tangible thing from the day that you have!

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