Saturday, March 26, 2011

To Log In Or Not To Log In, That Is The Question



How many times have you gone online to order prints and you just want to get it done quickly so you don’t bother to login?  I know I’ve done this many a time, and many a time I have regretted my impatient decision to do so.  There are I’m sure pro’s and con’s to both – I’d be interested to hear your input – please feel free to leave your comments.  As for my thoughts, here are my “pro’s” for logging in:


1. If you realize later you actually wished you had ordered more of a certain picture, there is no need to find and upload the image again – simply login and order

2. If for any means you lose your original source, your computer or external drive crashes or worse – then your images are online and you can still print them off.

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