Wednesday, March 02, 2011

White Balance Colour Checker

Steven Komarnicky 1989

I remember back in college having to do a massive spread of images with an %18 grey card – over exposing, under exposing, overdeveloping and under developing, I can’t even remember how many images were needed to complete the project…I do remember I had to do it twice…and that Steve K. patiently endured holding the grey card !

Today the process is so much simpler, and even possible without having to use an 18% grey card.  The first video below is by Fro Knows Photo and very simply and straight forward shows you how to use a grey card, and then how to set your white balance once you import your images into Lightroom.  The second video is by Gary Fong, and this one will actually give you a handy tip on how to make use of your light sphere to get your proper white balance.  Both great teaching tools!

ps. this picture taken in 1989 was so not taken with a digital camera, actually it was taken with the college’s twin lens reflex camera!

Fro Knows Photo
Gary Fong

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